Iftar Program was set up to support Muslim Reverts who have no family support during the blessed month of Ramadan,



Iftar Programme

The Iftar Programme was initially set up to support Muslim Reverts who had no family support during the month of Ramadan,

The project became so popular amongst the community that we now provide Iftar for 100-200 people each year. The program also reaches out to non-Muslims and the homeless connecting with all communities.


Our Iftar programme runs every weekend during the month of Ramadan for women and children, (boys under 7 years).

So far, the programme has been hosted by:-

  • Masjid Furqan in St. Matthews (2010-2012),
  • Markaz Quba in Highfields (2013),
  • Al Khair Charity Organization in Evington (2014),
  • Laya Centre in Evington (2015),
  • City Retreat at the City Centre (2016),
  • Britannia Street in St. Matthews (2017),
  • Ansaar Community Centre in Highfields (2018)
  • City Retreat at the City Centre (2019).

Food Donations

Sisters4Islam provides supplies such as plates, cups, spoons, napkins and cleaning materials. We also provide the dates & bottled water while the local community bring and share their homecooked dishes.

Restaurants around Leicester also donate food for this event. 

We are very grateful for all the food donations supplied over the years from the following restaurants:-

  • Koyla’s
  • Khamis Biryani
  • Food Corner
  • Zagros Pizza
  • An Najeeb’s and others.

Islamic Reminders

Our Iftar Programs are always preceded with an Islamic Reminder by Ustadha Shariffah and other speakers.

We always ask for a prompt start in observing adaab of a gathering of Ta’lim and ask that you bring notebooks and pens.

Please contact 07972790035 or our Facebook page for further information.

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