Children &



Sister4Islam run regular activities for children in the local community 


Youth Projects

Lyfzajourney, run regular youth programmes to help develop confidence, self-awareness while having fun and enjoyment. 


LyfzAJourney is a youth programme for young people who want to make a difference within their community.


LyfzAJourney’s aim:

  • is to bridge the gap between the young and older generation
  • understand the mentality of young people’s “boredom”
  • break down the barriers within young people

Youth Programms

LyfzAJourney runs regularly:-

  • Youth Projects
  • Sports Activities
  • Youth Debates
  • Mentoring and Counselling plus more.

For further detailed information on activities and projects, click here. Or call Zara on 07710540807.

 Children’s Projects

Sister4Islam run regular activities for children in the local community; supporting with summer schemes, organising outings and trips. 

Summer Scheme

Many of the volunteers who are registered with Sisters4Islam, provide support to the annual Summer Scheme that is hosted by the charity Second Chance. 

Sisters4Islam have not only provided volunteers, they have also helped plan, implement and facilitate the religious programmes that have run alongside the chosen theme for that year.

Passed themes were:-

  • “Shine like a Diamond” (2015),
  • “Precious Pearls” (2016),
  • “Radiant Rubies” (2017),
  • “Sparkling Sapphire” (2018)
  •  “Emeralds” (2019).

Seaside Trips

Each year we like to organize a trip where families and friends can meet up with their children so they can have fun and make new friends. We usually go to a seaside or theme park.

Kids Activites

Sisters4Islam arranges children’s activities during school breaks.

For further information and up to date details of all our activities please check our Facebook page or call 07972790035

 What We Do

Empowering Communities who are in charitable need, in particular, vulnerable women and their families. Here are just some of the Services & Projects we offer

Hunger Relief

Our Hunger Relief program helps to supply food and medication to those in need.


Sisters4Islam has been holding regular Halaqahs for those seeking knowledge since 2009.

Wells for Africa

Providing clean, safe water to those in need

Youth & Children

Supporting ongoing activities and projects for the local community

Orphans & Elderly

Dedicated to providing consistent support to orphans and the elderly.

Iftar Program

 The Iftar program runs every weekend during the month of Ramadan for women and children.

Become a Volunteer

It’s A Great Way To Make A Real Difference