Sunday 7th May 2017  

Blessed Venue, 195a, Gwendolen Road, Leicester, LE5 5FN 

Imam Abdallah Abu Esa (London)

Imam Abdallah Abu Esa is a Revert Muslim from the age of 19 years. He is currently the Imam and Khatbeeb in Annoor Mosque Acton and previously in the Turkish Community Mosque, Shackawell Lane in Hackney London.  He studied in Cairo between 2002-2010, at the Al Qortoba Institute -Al Fajr Centre, privately under Al Azhar University and graduated under Shaykh Ahmed Abbas who has a chain in teaching the Quran that goes up to the companions of the prophet PBUH.

He is well learned in Qur’an recitation and Tafsir with the Arabic Language.

He studied Fiqh under Shaykh Mahmoud Almusry.  After three years of study, Imam Abdallah became a part of the administration for the Rahmah Arabic centre, which he managed as Assistant Head Teacher for 3 years and developed the curriculum whilst helping with the Arabic and English translations.

This work whilst studying gave a break in completing his own Islamic Education Degree. Although he was appointed Imam on his return from Cairo in 2010, largely due to his understanding of Qur’anic text and interpretation of verses; he still considers himself a “Student of knowledge”.

He has published a book titled “The Marriage Guidance Course” which he teaches to the Muslim Community from the Annoor mosque and acts as a Wali for reverts, matching them for marriages and deals with the marriage and divorces surgery every week.

Sheikh Shafi Chowdhury (Leicester) 

Sheikh Shafi Chowdhury graduated from one of the UK’s oldest Islamic seminaries in 2002 where he read classical disciplines including Fiqh, Tafsir, and Hadith studies, with associated Usul. Since graduating in 2002 he has worked extensively within a wide range of Muslim communities as an Imam and Educator. He has served as a Muslim Chaplain in the Prison Service and, more recently, a consultant to the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) and the Home Office on developing programmes for Islamic spiritual learning and countering extremist distortions of Islamic theology. He has participated in national and international conferences, lectures, TV and radio shows, and university speaker tours.

He is a founding Director of the City Retreat, a Leicester-based outreach and engagement facility where he runs weekly halaqas and delivers the Friday khutba, and is a lecturer at Ebrahim College, London.

Sheikh Saleh Juma (Leicester)

Sheikh Saleh Juma has studied traditionally in Zanzibar for over 10 years under various scholars. He graduated with an M.A in Social Science and a degree in Public Service Interpreting (British Law) from Bedfordshire University, Luton (UK). He became an Imam for the Swahili Speakers community in Leicester for over 18 years; During this time, he taught Islamic studies at various Universities and Institutions. He has so far established more than four Community Centres in Leicester, is actively involved in various charities, speaks regularly on Radio Ramadhan, Leicester and provides volunteer services for the local and general public.

 Sheikh Abdul Hameed (Leicester)


Shaykh Abdul Hameed is a young traditionally trained Islamic Scholar from Leicester.  He graduated as an Alim from Jamea Uloomul Qur’an (Leicester) under the patronage of Shaykh Adam Hafidhahullah.  He also memorized the Qur’an during his studies at the institution. He is very well versed in the Qur’an and has a unique way of simplifying Qur’anic passages for a variety of audiences.

The Shaykh also completed his BA Honors in Social Work/Psychology. He currently is perusing his Masters in Education/ Psychology. He has a passion to work with young people and is a part of many organizations which help serve the needs of the youth. He currently works as a secondary school Teacher in a Leicester state school.

Shaykh Abdul Hameed lectures all over the UK and has been invited by many organizations to deliver lectures in different parts of America.
Some of his hobbies include having a big passion for Martial Arts from a young age and has competed at a very high level.  He currently still competes in Mixed Martial Arts tournaments across the UK.

His young age, unique hobbies, well-grounded Islamic knowledge and passion to “reconnect people to the Qur’an”, allows him to connect and engage with the youth in order for them to access and practice Islam in a relevant yet simple manner.

Dr Kamil Zakariyya’ Omoteso (Leicester)


Dr Kamil grew up in Lagos, Nigeria where he combined studies in classical Islamic and Western Education. He studied Islam under various Scholars of the Markazi, before learning and studying Accounting at the University of Lagos, Nigeria where he served as an Imam until he completed his Bachelor Degree programme.  Dr Kamil has been active in Islamic da’wah for over three decades.  He delivers jum’ah khutbah, lectures, workshops, seminars and counselling within and outside the UK.  Based on his exposure to, and knowledge of both Islamic and Western civilizations, he is able to articulate the path to peaceful co-existence and the Islamic Identity in the West.  He has been married for 19 years and lives with his family in Leicester.

Dr Kamil holds both professional and doctoral qualifications in Accounting and he is currently the Head of the School of Economics, Finance and Accounting at Coventry University.  He is widely published in the areas of Accountability, Governance and Ethics. He is the Chair of the Centre for African Resources, Research and Development and a member of Trustees of Human Appeal.

Moinuddin Nishar Ahmed Kolia 


Moinuddin Nishar Ahmed Kolia is the proprietor of Moin’s Chemist and Wellbeing Center for the past 17 years.  He managed to grow his business from a turnover of £245k to £1.47m.  His Pharmacy operates as the country’s first Wellbeing Center and now delivers care that most pharmacies can only dream of.  Some of the services that they undertake are training programs like DESMOND, Safe fasting for diabetics during Ramadhan and the secret of permanent weight loss from their premises.

It is Moin’s mission to help independent Pharmacy owners deliver outstanding healthcare and services to their community, become a leader in their locality, achieve the recognition for their service and difference that they make to their patients, become more than just a chemist and at the same time make a lucrative profit.  Moin can revolutionize your business to a profitable future.  Moinnuddin published a book “Your Vehicle for Business Success: Successful Business Made Easy” and currently offers training programs that encourage living one’s life to the fullest and being productive and delivering to one’s maximum potential.  He is currently one of our sponsors for the Sisters4Islam Marriage Conference 2017 and will deliver the plenary session.

Nazma Khatun (Manchester)


Nazma is a qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. She helps individuals and businesses with business & mindset coaching to help enable them to grow their business.

She is also a female Asian wedding photographer.

She has a passion for helping others to become the best they can be and speaks nationally & internationally to get the message to the masses that ‘self-belief is everything!

Her desire for helping others came from her own struggles after finally leaving a ten year violent and abusive marriage. Her motivation and drive comes in order to show her two young daughters (and all the insanely amazing women out there!) that anything is possible.

Her children are homeschooled and believes that if we nurture our own habits and minds we can become anything we want in life with the help of Allah.

Miriam Zia-Hughes  (London)

Miriam Zia Hughes has been blessed by being allowed by Allah SWT to give weekly reminders in several local masajids in and around North and West London.  She has been delivering these talks for the last six years after leaving the property industry where she worked as an Area Director.  She also gives Islamic reminders at various charities and ladies events.  She has lectured at Kings College London and Brunel University as well as being an occasional guest on the Islam Channel.

The main topic she covers are the 99 Names of Allah SWT ;  Upon learning them it has impacted her life so much.  In the talks she delivers, she incorporates a lot of self-development (from various courses that she has attended such as the Landmark Forum) and self-reflection (as its key in our deen), it is always amazing to see the positive change it creates in the sisters by the permission of Allah SWT every week!

Ustadha Sharifah Al Maqbouly (Leicester)

Ustadha Sharifa completed her studies in Singapore and later qualified in CMS (Certified Management Studies) from the University of Swansea (UK).  She studied under the tutelage of Sheikh/Dr. Abdullah Yasin from Sudan.  She has been teaching Prophetic Manners for over 10 years and gives regular talks and lectures across the U.K.  She has also been an In-House Ustadha for Sisters4Islam for over 6 years, delivering the Adaab Classes (Prophetic Manners), talks at the Iftar Programme and Radio Ramadhan (Leicester).  She is currently working on the Marriage Course project which she will soon launch under Sisters4Islam.  

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