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Sisters4Islam is a Non-profit Women’s Support Group dedicated to helping those in need within our local community and overseas. 



Education Support

Education to Alleviate Poverty and Support Communities.

Hunger Relief

Help us to supply food and medication to those in need.

family support

Family Support

Helping vulnerable women and their families within the community.

About Our Charity

We make a difference in the lives of people by assisting in times of need, both in our local community and other parts of the world. Sisters4Islam cover areas affected by war, disasters, hunger, orphans and poverty.

Who We Are

Sisters4Islam is a Women’s Support Group dedicated to Fisabilillah (work in the cause of Allah), following the Quran and the Authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam and his Companions. We have come together to promote the Islamic way of life.

Our Mission

To unite communities from different backgrounds and promote community cohesion through various activities. To facilitate understanding and growth among diverse groups hence fostering harmony and peace while supporting and empowering the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in Leicester and surrounding cities.


uniting communities from different backgrounds


promote community cohesion through various activities


facilitate understanding and growth among diverse groups 

 What We Do

Empowering Communities who are in charitable need, in particular, vulnerable women and their families. Here are just some of the Services & Projects we offer

Hunger Relief

Our Hunger Relief program helps to supply food and medication to those in need.


Sisters4Islam has been holding regular Halaqahs for those seeking knowledge since 2009.

Wells for Africa

Providing clean, safe water to those in need

Youth & Children

Supporting ongoing activities and projects for the local community

Orphans & Elderly

Dedicated to providing consistent support to orphans and the elderly.

Iftar Program

 The Iftar program runs every weekend during the month of Ramadan for women and children.

+ Transformed Lives

+ Volunteers

+ Helped People

+ Supported Countries

Founder & Trustees

Discover the visionaries steering Sisters4Islam towards a brighter future

Jamila Jones

Founder & Trustee

Dr Fatihiya M Saad

Trustee – Outreach Manager

Daushi Samobana

Trustee – Treasurer

Razia Suleman

Trustee – Admin Officer

Hamida Sheikh Abrar


Ayesha Acharya

Trustee – Health & Wellbeing Advocate

Khadija Mugari


Bibi A Parker

Trustee – Secretary

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