Local Projects & Services

We facilitate local projects to serve our local community

We facilitate several local projects to help serve our community 

Family Support

family support

Sisters4Islam have helped many vulnerable women and their families within the community either by providing support, information, advocacy or signposting for:-  

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Homeless Families
  • Language Support
  • Social Support
  • Social Isolation
  • Support for new Muslims
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Sisters Circle
Coffee Mornings

  • Have you recently moved to Leicester,
  • feeling lonely and
  • would like to make new friends?
  • A chance to socialise,
  • learn new skills and
  • grow in a friendly environment.

You may wish to participate in our special programme to support reverts to learn the basics of Islam.

  • Sisters4Islam will be providing light refreshments.
  • All other dishes and snacks are welcome too.

We welcome all Ladies and children, reverts, people from other faiths and the community at large.

Join the Sisters4Islam community on our Facebook page fur venue updates and further information. 

Pampering Evenings

Every 3-4 months, we organise a pampering evening to help fund some of our activities. It’s an opportunity for women to get together and meet new friends, relax while indulging in the many treatments on offer.

These pampering sessions have become very popular and allow the elderly to socialise with the young in a multicultural environment.

The sessions include head massages, hair and beauty sessions, Mehndi, plus exchanging and sharing skills and knowledge.

Sisters Circle

Sisters4Islam has been holding regular Halaqahs for those seeking knowledge since 2009.

Attending these circles helps to forge a sense of Sisterhood.

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Youth & Children

Sisters4Islam, run regular youth and children’s programmes to help the young develop confidence and self-awareness also given them opportunities to realise their potential.

We also like to partner up with other charities and organisations to offer more services and fun activities for the wider community.


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Iftar Program

The Iftar Program was initially set up to support Muslim Reverts who had no family support during the blessed month of Ramadan, ensuring that they had a chance to experience Iftar with other Muslims.

The project became so popular amongst the community that we now provide Iftar for 100-200 people each year.


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Eid Gatherings

Each year the Trustees meet for the Eid Prayer with their families. We like to invite reverts to Islam and sisters from the local community to join us for a picnic breakfast after the Salah. This project mainly started to support new reverts.

Family Trips and Excursions

One of the ways we like to bring the community together is by holding family outings and excursions.  

We have organised countless trips over the years to theme parks, Alton Towers, Twin Lakes, and seaside beaches. We try our best to facilitate an outing at least once a year and, if the demand is there, we organise Eid Outings, especially for the new reverts to Islam. If you would like to join us on our next trip, you are welcome. Join the sisters4islam community on our Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out.


Radio Ramadhan

Each year Trustees, along with Members and Volunteers flex their radio presentation skills. Volunteers have a chance to deliver programmes live on-air, allowing them the opportunity to gain new skills and build confidence.

Various topics are discussed, encouraging everything good about Islam, such as role models In Islam, competitions, interviews, pledges and public announcements. If you would like to join us in this project, please get in touch.

You can listen to past recordings of our Broadcast on our Facebook Page

Matrimonial Services

Sisters4Islam offers free and paid matrimonial services as well as counselling services:-

  • Family Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Pre Marital Problems
  • Obstacles with Families 
  • Youth Counselling

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Burial Fund

Sisters4Islam launched the Burial fund in 2017. Through this project, Sisters4Islam have been able to support families in the United Kingdom, Kenya, and Burundi in order to help families bury their loved ones.

On several occasions, bodies of patients that had passed away at the hospital in Kenya would not be released until the hospital bill was cleared.

Through the goodwill of the community, Sisters4Islam were able to raise money which was able to support the release and burial of these vulnerable people.

Community Collaboration

We are always looking for opportunities to support our community and have collaborated and worked alongside other organisations and charities.

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 What We Do

Empowering Communities who are in charitable need, in particular, vulnerable women and their families. Here are just some of the Services & Projects we offer

Hunger Relief

Our Hunger Relief program helps to supply food and medication to those in need.


Sisters4Islam has been holding regular Halaqahs for those seeking knowledge since 2009.

Wells for Africa

Providing clean, safe water to those in need

Youth & Children

Supporting ongoing activities and projects for the local community

Orphans & Elderly

Dedicated to providing consistent support to orphans and the elderly.

Iftar Program

 The Iftar program runs every weekend during the month of Ramadan for women and children.

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