and Elderly

“The one who cares for an orphan and myself, will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together to illustrate.   Sahih al-Bukhārī 5659

Ongoing Projects

Orphans and Elderly

Sisters4Islam has been actively supporting orphanages in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe since 2017.


nebas children home

Nebas Orphanage Centre

Location: Likoni Dimbwini Mombasa south coast
Population: 14 kids
7 girls & 7 boys
Destitute Children 1 girl 21 years
Age range: 5 years to 14 years
Domination: 8 Muslims and 6 Christians
Support needed: Food Sanitary pads, toiletries, school fees, stationeries, Uniforms, shoes, medical expenses

orphans and elderly - elderly lady

Majengo Home for the Elderly

Location: Majengo, Nairobi
Population: 10, all women
Age Range: N/A
Denomination: Muslims and Christians

Support Needed:

Food, adult diapers, toiletries, medical expenses

orphans and elderly white house orphange

White House Children’s Home

Location: Ruai, Nairobi
Population: 32 children
At the home: 10 boys and 14 girls
Destitute children 8 – outreach
Age Range: 3 – 20
Denomination: Muslim

Support Needed:

Food, pads, toiletries, school fees, stationery, uniforms, shoes, medical expenses

Al Firdaus childrens home

AL Firdhous Orphanage Center

Location: Likoni Mombasa Kenya coast
Population: 95 children living at the centre
47 girls & 48 boys
Destitute Children 1 
Age range: 2 years to 19 years
Domination: Muslims
Support needed: Food, medical expenses school fees, stationeries, Uniforms, shoes, pads and toiletries 

 What We Do

Empowering Communities who are in charitable need, in particular, vulnerable women and their families. Here are just some of the Services & Projects we offer

Hunger Relief

Our Hunger Relief program helps to supply food and medication to those in need.


Sisters4Islam has been holding regular Halaqahs for those seeking knowledge since 2009.

Wells for Africa

Providing clean, safe water to those in need

Youth & Children

Supporting ongoing activities and projects for the local community

Orphans & Elderly

Dedicated to providing consistent support to orphans and the elderly.

Iftar Program

 The Iftar program runs every weekend during the month of Ramadan for women and children.

Become a Volunteer

It’s A Great Way To Make A Real Difference