For Africa

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “The best charity is giving water to drink” and he was the most generous in giving charity. (as narrated in Ahmad)

Ongoing Projects

Wells for Africa

The Wells for Africa project was first established in July 2017. The original idea was inspired by Dr Fatihiya Saad, one of our Charity Trustees.

The Wells4Africa project began as a tribute to honour her late Mum, Saada M Ali who passed on in 2014. So far the project has been able to sponsor 25 wells and over 30 water tanks in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania Pemba, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Myanmar and Yemen.



Special School for the Blind

Installation Date: July 2017
Location: Koyonzo 
Village: Kakamega County
District: Butere
Country: Kenya

£1,400 Donated


Children with Cerebral Palsy

Installation Date: December 2017
Location: – Matungu
Village: Kakamega County
District: Butere
Country: Kenya

£1,500 Donated


Village of Kwale

Installation Date: January 2018
Location: – Ngo’mbeni
Village: Kwale County
District: Mombasa
Country: Kenya

£1,500 Donated


Nouroul Yakhine Institute

Installation Date: April 2018
Location: – Nouroul Yakhine Institute
Village: Kedougou
District: Kedougou
Country: Senegal

£500 Donated



Installation Date: October 2018
Location: Namang’ofulo
District: Bungoma
Country: Kenya


£1,400 Donated


Refugees at Myanmar

Installation Date: December 2017
Location: Rohingya Refugees at Myanmar through One Nation Charity
Country: Border regions of Bangladesh and Burma

£350  Donated


Dar es Salaam

Installation Date: May 2018
Location: Dar es Salaam
Country: Tanzania

£150 Donated

 What We Do

Empowering Communities who are in charitable need, in particular, vulnerable women and their families. Here are just some of the Services & Projects we offer

Hunger Relief

Our Hunger Relief program helps to supply food and medication to those in need.


Sisters4Islam has been holding regular Halaqahs for those seeking knowledge since 2009.

Wells for Africa

Providing clean, safe water to those in need

Youth & Children

Supporting ongoing activities and projects for the local community

Orphans & Elderly

Dedicated to providing consistent support to orphans and the elderly.

Iftar Program

 The Iftar program runs every weekend during the month of Ramadan for women and children.

Become a Volunteer

It’s A Great Way To Make A Real Difference